Where Will Your Treatment Be 1 Year From Now?

Where Will Your Treatment Be 1 Year From Now? Dec20th 2020

The process of beginning physical therapy treatment can seem very intimidating, especially if you’ve never visited a physical therapist before. You may wonder if your pain will worsen, or how long it will actually take for you to notice any real changes in your pain or mobility. 

Although we can’t stick a due date on pain relief from your symptoms, or give you a perfect timeline of how you will progress through treatment, we can provide you with a bit of helpful insight. Typically, most patients notice a difference in their condition after their first few visits with a physical therapist. Can you imagine what that progress might look like 10 or 12 months down the road?  

Everyone is different. Their pain levels and conditions are as well, so there is no way to put a definite outcome on anyone’s progress. However, we put together a list of possible outcomes from physical therapy treatment for anyone who wants a general idea of where their condition could be in a year. 

You might not be taking medication anymore.

Many patients find that after undergoing physical therapy treatment, they are able to completely kick their dependence on harmful prescription drugs. This is a huge benefit and definitely something to look forward to at the end of your physical therapy journey. Imagine how much money you’ll save, and the peace of mind you’ll have from no longer worrying about the lasting effects of these medications!

There may be a slowed progression of age-related issues.

It’s no secret that as we age, our health naturally declines. For some people, this decline happens faster than others. Physical therapy can slow the progression of age-related issues such as arthritis or osteoporosis. It can also decrease your chances of needing a joint replacement. 

You may not have to have that operation.

That surgery you’ve been dreading and putting off for years, even though you’ve been told it’s unavoidable? Physical therapy at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness might change that for you in a year. You might not even have to undergo an operation, such as a knee, hip, or joint replacement! Of course, this varies depending on your specific condition, age, and willingness to comply with your physical therapy treatment plan. 

You’ll be able to get back to doing the things you love.

Many people find themselves in physical therapy because they are no longer able to do things that they enjoy such as play a sport or do yard work. They are simply in too much pain! NY Physical therapy & Wellness physical therapists are experts in movement, and they’ll work with you to not only manage your pain but also to move your body in ways that will allow you to prevent future injuries.

A year from now, you might find that you’re once again able to spend your Saturday mornings outside raking leaves and planting flowers just like you used to, free of pain.

You’ll come back less often.

Although we absolutely love seeing our patients here at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness, we know that in most cases, eventually, they’ll get to a point in their treatment where they no longer have to come back on a weekly basis.

As your condition gets better and you gain more of an understanding of why you’re experiencing pain and how to manage it, you’ll find that you’re able to mitigate your symptoms at home on your own. Of course, stop by anytime to see us! We love seeing your smiling face and hearing about your progress.

You have to start somewhere!

The only way to see progress is to begin your fitness journey. Physical therapy can improve and eliminate tons of different pain symptoms and conditions, from back, neck, knee, and hip pain, to injuries sustained from playing sports or being in an auto accident. The only way to find out for sure what your outcome from physical therapy will be in a year is to make an appointment at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness in Bohemia, Cedarhurst, East Meadow, Elmhurst, Franklin Square, Levittown, Melville, Seaford, Smithtown or Valley Stream today, so what are you waiting for?


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