What is Direct Access?

What Your Life Can Look Like 1 Year After Physical Therapy Treatment Mar16th 2021

Think you need a prescription from a physician before getting physical therapy?  Think again!  You can now see a physical therapist without a referral from your doctor, putting you in control of your health and wellness. 

Here are 3 ways Direct Access benefits YOU, the patient:

  1. You receive treatment quicker: Being able to see a physical therapist directly reduces a lot of waiting time that you would normally have trying to get an appointment with your physician to write you a prescription for Physical Therapy.
  2. It costs you less money: Coming straight to Physical Therapy reduces your overall medical costs since you do not have to pay to see other physicians or try other treatments first.
  3. Increased patient satisfaction and better outcomes: Studies reveal that patients that come directly to Physical Therapy have higher satisfaction with their treatment due to faster access to treatment and quicker recovery times, resulting in better outcomes at discharge.

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