What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Apr10th 2021

Look, we get it. Not everybody understands the benefits physical therapy has to offer. Maybe they have never had a need for it, maybe their doctor never recommended it for them during a recovery period. Whatever the case may be, we aren’t taking offense!  

It’s no problem for us here at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness to educate our patients about what physical therapists do. We’ve compiled a list of the things we’ve heard from many of our patients, who have had successful treatment with us, about what they wish they had known a year ago about physical therapy.

If you’re in need of physical therapy for pain or a chronic condition, or you would just like to learn more, contact our offices located throughout New York, NY today to set up an appointment.

Physical therapy can improve your quality of sleep. 

We all love to sleep. It’s hard to catch up on it once you get behind! Nothing is better than actually being tired at bedtime and getting a full night’s rest with no interruptions, tossing and turning, or waking up from pain at 3 am. Physical therapy can help to ease the aches and pains that keep you awake at night so you can get a restful, better quality of sleep.

Physical therapy can help you understand and prevent pain.

Many people don’t realize this and loath to see a physical therapist even once, because they think their problem is just going to keep recurring regardless of what a therapist can do.

Our physical therapists can not only assess and treat the pain you’re feeling right now, but they can also help you to understand its origins and how to prevent it from coming back. This means fewer visits to the doctor and less stress on your shoulders.

Physical therapy can help with anxiety and depression.

Of course, this is not to say that physical therapy is a substitute for the care of a mental health professional — it is not. However, getting regular physical activity can certainly supplement other treatments you’re receiving. 

Getting more activity into your daily routine releases endorphins, or those “feel-good” emotions that everyone talks about after exercising! If you’re experiencing pain as a result of stress or mental overload in your life, contact us for an appointment.

There are several different types of treatment. 

The kind of methods your physical therapist chooses to incorporate into your therapy treatment depends on your condition. If you’re worried that your treatment will be the same as every other patient, don’t be! Aquatic, manual, massage, orthopedic, lymphedema management, and pelvic floor therapy are all kinds of treatment techniques that could benefit you and help you to feel better, faster.

Physical therapy isn’t supposed to hurt.

Sometimes people shy away from seeking care from a physical therapist because they assume their therapist will push them past their physical limitations to the point of experiencing more pain. This is not the case.  If you inform your NY Physical Therapy & Wellness therapist that an exercise or stretch is too difficult for you, they’ll adjust things to ensure you can accomplish it. The same goes for an exercise that is too easy for you — they’ll increase the difficulty. Treatment plans are flexible and always susceptible to change, so don’t hesitate to speak up!

Take control of your pain today

NY Physical Therapy located throughout New York, NY wants all of our patients to understand our ultimate goal: to change lives for the better with effective, safe, and natural methods of pain management and relief. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of exercise and physical therapy, look no further! Call our clinic today to schedule an assessment.



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