The 5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help Arthritis – Dr. Stephen Tam

Feb23rd 2021

by Dr. Stephen Tam

So you’ve been told you have arthritis – what does that mean?  Arthritis simply means inflammation or swelling of one or more joints.  However, arthritis is used to describe more than 100 chronic diseases and conditions that affect the joints, surrounding tissues, and other connective tissues.  Common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and fibromyalgia.  If you’re experiencing increased pain, impaired Range of Motion, impaired strength, impaired endurance, or impaired balance among other symptoms, this is an indicator that Physical Therapy can help!  Here are 5 ways Physical Therapy can help with Arthritis:

  1. Your Physical Therapist will create a customized treatment plan specific to the exact nature of your condition and goals, including strengthening exercises to target your areas of weakness to make affected muscles and joints stronger.
  2. Physical Therapy will provide you with range of motion exercises to improve mobility and decrease addition stress on the joint. These may include flexibility exercises such as stretches to allow for increased motion.
  3. Your Physical Therapist may employ Soft Tissue Mobilization techniques to relax muscle tension and increase mobility.
  4. You may receive therapeutic modalities such as ice, heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound, or laser therapy to aid in pain management, or decrease stiffness or swelling related to your arthritis.
  5. Your Physical Therapist can analyze your gait to improve your independence in walking, balance training to increase stability and decrease fall risk, and postural training to improve joint alignment and decrease joint stress.

If you are experiencing arthritis symptoms, don’t wait and spend more time in pain!  Schedule your no-cost assessment today at any of our 10 locations or for in-home physical therapy.

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