So You’ve Decided on Physical Therapy…Now What?

NY Physical Therapy Apr20th 2021

You’re scheduled for your first physical therapy session, and after scouring the internet for hours wondering what to expect, you’re still a little nervous. If you’ve never had physical therapy before, this fear and uncertainty is understandable! 

Whether you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for years on and off, or you sustained a work injury and noticed things just still “don’t feel quite right,” know that you’ve made a good choice with physical therapy for your recovery. 

The skilled physical therapists at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness in New York, NY can help bring you the relief you deserve, regardless of what brought you into our clinic. Contact our office to schedule an appointment, and in the meantime, keep reading to learn more about what you can expect with physical therapy treatment.

What you should expect at your first physical therapy appointment

If you’ve never visited NY Physical Therapy & Wellness in New York, NY, don’t be nervous! You’re in good hands here, and our goal is to see you through to the end of your treatment.

During your first appointment, a full assessment of your physical condition will be done. Your therapist might perform diagnostic tests, have you move in different ways to determine your range of motion, or ask you questions about your pain condition such as “Do you feel more discomfort during the day or night? Are there activities you can’t do because of your pain?”

Your therapist will also locate any sore or tight muscles as well as ask you to complete certain tasks to figure out what your functional mobility levels are. 

Your medical history will be reviewed to see if any factors might directly correlate to the pain you’re experiencing, such as recent injuries, illnesses, or surgeries. During this time, you can discuss the things that you are now not able to do as a result of any past injuries you might have sustained.

It’s important to understand that as your abilities change and as your condition improves, your treatment plan may be altered as well. Your therapist will always ask you questions at each appointment to gauge your progress and comfort levels. This is also how they can determine which route your treatment needs to go down next!

What will physical therapy help me with, in addition to pain relief? 

You read that right! Physical therapy can help improve multiple aspects of your life in addition to helping you find pain relief.  Some of the other ways our therapist can change your life are with treatment are:

The list goes on and on. The only way you’ll be able to discover all of the benefits for yourself is by showing up to your first appointment!

We’re here to support you every step of the way

If you’ve been living with pain and have finally chosen physical therapy as your form of treatment, congratulations! A physical therapist at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness will always have your ideal performance goals and strength levels in mind as they coach you through your treatment plan. What’s better than knowing you have a sturdy support system in place when it comes to your health?   

Contact NY Physical Therapy & Wellness in New York, NY to set up your first appointment. We can’t wait to get you on track to living a pain-free, active lifestyle.



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