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Nuofei Lin




University of Science in the summer of 2019



Nuofei Lin graduated from University of Science in the summer of 2019, received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree the same summer she became part of the NY Physical Therapy & Wellness team. Before the official enrollment she was a PT student & practiced at our Elmhurst location back in Fall of 2017. 

Through daily interaction with patients of all ages, colors, and genders, Fey’s ever growing experience paved the foundation of her firm believe: Patient education. It’s only by involving patient him or herself into the process of the treatment, will the patient be actively motivated to perform therapeutic exercises. It is via her keen observation, she realized the most crucial way to accelerate the rehabilitation is through self-motivation. And the key to self-motivation lies within Patient education. 

Nuofei Lin stays active outside of work and like to participate outdoor activities such as hiking, snowboarding, skateboarding, boxing, and skydiving.  Once a while she would go for a solo trip to indulge herself fully into the nature and culture.


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Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pm

Saturday: 9am – 1pm

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