NY Physical Therapy & Wellness COVID -19 Response

We are all living in very new and unusual times. We do not believe anyone could have ever predicted a global pandemic would hit in today’s day and age. These times have been very trying and we have always had one focus: Patient care. When we opened NY Physical Therapy & Wellness 20 years ago, we founded our practice based on 3 core values that we remain committed to today: Friendly, Professional, Dedicated. Since COVID-19 began, our patient care focus has elevated to a level that goes above and beyond any guidelines set forth for our industry. We are committed to requiring masks for all our patients & staff, while maintaining social distancing when possible. We clean and sanitize all equipment after every single use and perform intensive cleaning at the end of every day. This will provide peace of mind and let you focus on your treatment. Our offices have never closed, and we do not plan to close during this pandemic or any other time in the future. We would like to thank all of our patients, as well as our hard-working, dedicated staff. While we are not sure what the future holds, we are sure that we are here for you, and that we will make it through this together.

Ronald J. Bredow, PT
Co-founder, and CEO

Mark A. Diaz, PT
Co-founder, and COO

Mathew Perry, DPT
Senior VP of Clinical Operations

COVID Resources:

CDC COVID-19 Website

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