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physical therapy Oct20th 2020

10 Facts About Physical Therapy Treatment That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

Need a reason to smile today?  Look no further! Physical therapy is useful in the treatment of illnesses, chronic pain conditions, and injuries. It’s a safe and natural alternative to harmful medications or pricey surgeries, and it includes the use of targeted massage, heat and ice treatments, exercises, and various other modalities to relieve pain.  Here

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Sep20th 2020

How To Continue Your PT Treatment In The Age of Covid-19  

COVID-19 has brought many things to a grinding halt. Your treatment doesn’t have to be one of them! Reading the words “the age of COVID-19” might seem strange, but we have to face the facts. This is the age we’re living through, a time where masks and hand sanitizers are more commonly purchased than sunglasses

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Sep10th 2020

The Next Big Thing in Physical Therapy

The Next Big Thing in Physical Therapy: Could COVID-19 Change the Face of Physical Therapy?  Since COVID-19 has left many people in New York city feeling too nervous to leave their homes, businesses and doctors’ offices have been forced to pivot in order to accommodate the public. This virus has spread rapidly throughout our country,

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