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May5th 2021

7 Exercises to Reduce Arm Soreness After the COVID-19 Vaccination

With the COVID-19 vaccination now open to anyone over 16 in the United States, more and more people are getting vaccinated every day.  Although the side effects of the vaccine vary widely, one of the most common side effects is arm soreness.  Despite lasting for only a day or two, it can still be unpleasant. 

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NY Physical Therapy Apr20th 2021

So You’ve Decided on Physical Therapy…Now What?

You’re scheduled for your first physical therapy session, and after scouring the internet for hours wondering what to expect, you’re still a little nervous. If you’ve never had physical therapy before, this fear and uncertainty is understandable!  Whether you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for years on and off, or you sustained a work injury

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Physical Therapy Apr10th 2021

What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Physical Therapy

Look, we get it. Not everybody understands the benefits physical therapy has to offer. Maybe they have never had a need for it, maybe their doctor never recommended it for them during a recovery period. Whatever the case may be, we aren’t taking offense!   It’s no problem for us here at NY Physical Therapy &

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