9 Signs You May Be In Need Of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy May10th 2021

At NY Physical Therapy & Wellness, we often hear people say “I don’t need physical therapy! I’m too young!” or “Physical therapy is only for people recovering from surgery — I just have hip pain. Not a big deal.” Little do they realize, physical therapy can be the answer for a multitude of pain problems, big or small.

Our clinics in New York, NY have curated a list of nine signs to look out for that may suggest you’re in need of the touch of a physical therapist. If you’re experiencing knee, back, hip, shoulder, neck pain, have been in an auto accident, or are just trying to get in better shape to do the things you love, contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, read up on this list!

1. You never sit up straight.

Poor posture not only changes your appearance, but it can also cause a variety of health problems or make pre-existing ones ten times worse! 

If you work a job that requires you to remain sedentary for most of the day, it’s very important to make sure you’re getting up to walk around and stretch multiple times a day. It’s also critical that your work setup be ergonomically designed to reduce pain and improve your posture.

2. You’ve injured yourself and recovery is taking a while.

Have you recently sustained an injury? If you’re having difficulty recovering from even minor injuries, then it may be time to visit a physical therapist.

Some of the most basic injuries many people experience that can heal faster with the help of a physical therapist are:

  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Shin splints
  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow

3. Headaches are ruling your life.

Headaches are pretty common, however, daily headaches that force you to reschedule your entire day? Not so much!

Physical therapy might be able to help if you frequently deal with headache pain. You may deal with headaches, migraines, muscle-related headaches, or what are known as secondary headaches with general stress.  Headaches can range from mild migraines to extreme. A therapist at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness can do a thorough assessment to rule out the various types of headaches that you might have before drawing up a treatment plan. 

4. You’re always complaining of back pain.

Although many people think back pain is something that only occurs if you’re older, the unfortunate truth is this condition is something most of us will experience at some point in our lives!

Back pain can be caused by pulled muscles, and other times there are more serious issues involved such as a bulging or even a ruptured disk. 

NY Physical Therapy & Wellness’ skilled team of physical therapists can put together a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs and focus on the source of your back pain. 

5. Your joints are stiff, sore, and achy…98% of the time.

When you first wake up, do you ever experience joint pain and stiffness? You might also experience it after physical exercise, or if you suffer from a chronic condition such as arthritis. Joint pain is no joke, and it’s not easy to deal with alone. A physical therapist can use manual therapy that involves soft tissue mobilization to relieve pain and stiffness and improve your overall flexibility.

6. Your friends don’t ask you to participate in physical activity anymore.

And no, it’s not because they don’t like you….it’s because they know how much pain you’re always in and they don’t want to bother you. If that’s not a disappointing feeling, we don’t know what is!

If you’re living in so much discomfort that your own friends are too worried about the state of your health to invite you along on hikes and weekend basketball games, there’s a problem.

7. There’s dust collecting on the top shelves in your kitchen because it hurts you to reach.

Nobody wants a messy, gross kitchen. But sometimes, if you’re experiencing shoulder or arm pain that restricts your range of motion, it can be next to impossible to reach up high with a dust rag to clean shelves and items off. Not to mention, too much build-up of dust can cause respiratory problems, which nobody wants to deal with!

8. People keep asking you if you need help doing things.

If you’re visibly limping, unable to lift heavy items, or get in and out of your car without assistance…it goes without saying that it’s time to see a professional to get some help! When your muscles are so weak that you cannot function independently, you put yourself at a greater risk of sustaining an injury…and then you’ll really be in need of PT!

9. You can’t remember what life was like without pain.

This is something that NY Physical Therapy & Wellness therapists hear from our patients a little too often for our liking. It means that they’ve lived for way too long in a state of discomfort, to the point where they’ve most likely adjusted their lives to work around their pain.

If any of these are ringing a bell, contact our physical therapists immediately. Our ultimate goal is to have you feeling healthy, strong, and at the top of your performance by the time your treatment plan is over. 




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