10 Facts About Physical Therapy Treatment That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

physical therapy Oct20th 2020

Need a reason to smile today?  Look no further! Physical therapy is useful in the treatment of illnesses, chronic pain conditions, and injuries. It’s a safe and natural alternative to harmful medications or pricey surgeries, and it includes the use of targeted massage, heat and ice treatments, exercises, and various other modalities to relieve pain. 

Here at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness’s in Bohemia, Cedarhurst, East Meadow, Elmhurst, Franklin Square, Levittown, Melville, Seaford, Smithtown & Valley Stream, NY Centers, we understand that everybody could probably use a couple of reasons to smile, given everything we’re dealing with in the world this year. That’s why we decided to put together a short list of facts about physical therapy to put you in a good mood and have you smiling as you read! 

  1. Physical therapy is older than your grandparents. If your parents or grandparents doubt the effectiveness of physical therapy treatment, tell them to try this fact on for size! Treatment methods such as massage and hydrotherapy date back as far as 460 BC. Other research shows countries such as Egypt also encouraged exercise and movement for illness and pain. That might make you wonder if King Tut had a physical therapist of his own… 
  1. Physical therapy can improve your quality of sleep. Nothing is better than actually being tired at bedtime and getting a full night’s rest with no interruptions, tossing and turning, or waking up from pain at 3 am. If the idea of being well-rested doesn’t improve your mood, we’re pretty sure nothing will.  
  1. “Physical therapist” ranks as one of the happiest careers. Forbes once ranked physical therapy as number three on the list of “The Ten Happiest Jobs.” NY Physical Therapy & Wellness’s team of physical therapists agrees as well; we love the social interactions between us and our patients as we help them to grow into healthier, pain-free versions of themselves. 
  1. It hasn’t always gone by the same term. According to AMHS Journal,In an English article published in Montreal Medical Journal in the year 1894, Dr. Edward Playter used the word “Physiotherapy.” With time, the word “Physiotherapie” changed to “Physiotherapy” and then to “Physical therapy.” It’s interesting how words transform over time. Which version do you like the most? 
  1. In Sweden, physical therapists are called “sjukgymnast. This translates to “someone involved in gymnastics for those who are ill.” This is a cool way to think of physical therapy, and it also sounds pretty nice rolling off the tongue. Bonus points for you if you come into our Bohemia, Cedarhurst, East Meadow, Elmhurst, Franklin Square, Levittown, Melville, Seaford, Smithtown & Valley Stream, NY Centers clinic for treatment and use this word in conversations!

6. If you’re an athlete, your physical therapist could become your biggest supporter! Physical therapy is highly recommended for athletes, even if you aren’t considered a professional. A physical therapist at NY Physical Therapy & Wellness’s  will always have your ideal performance goals and strength levels in mind as they coach you through your exercise program. What’s better than knowing you have a sturdy support system in place when it comes to your health? 

7. Physical therapy can help you understand pain, and experience way less of it. Ever heard of “neuroscience?” It’s the scientific study of the nervous system. Many physical therapists offer pain therapy education, and will make it a priority to not only treat their patients pain condition, but to also educate them (in an easy to understand method) about what is happening in their bodies to make them experience pain.

The more you understand about how your body works, the less likely it is for you to be worried or fearful of treatment!

8. If you’re dealing with depression or anxiety, physical therapy could help. This year has been absolutely bananas. Physical therapy is no substitute for the care of a mental health professional, however, it can certainly supplement your other treatments! Getting more activity in releases endorphins, or those “feel-good” emotions that everyone talks about after exercising! If you’re experiencing pain as a result of stress or mental overload in your life, contact  NY Physical Therapy & Wellness’s  for a comprehensive evaluation.

9. Physical therapy can help in the age of COVID-19. Now, this is definitely something to smile about, considering we have no idea what the true long-term effects of this year’s pandemic crisis truly are. If you are recovering from COVID-19 and you’re worried about how to get your physical strength and stamina back up, this is great news for you. Don’t feel so down on yourself! A licensed physical therapist can help you with exercises and treatment modalities to get you back to feeling your best.

10. You can have an appointment right in your living room. This might be the best fact yet! NY Physical Therapy & Wellness’s is happy to offer Telehealth appointments for our patients. If you’re struggling with a pain condition, dealing with discomfort, or recovering from an illness, rest assured that your physical therapy treatment can continue from the comfort of your home through our virtual appointment services. 

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We hope this list of facts about physical therapy improved your mood and gave you a sense of reassurance about treatment (if you weren’t already sure that it is a good option for you!) To schedule an appointment with us, visit our website or give us a call at (516) 520-7200 today! 



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